Monday, January 25, 2010

Scrapbook Shopping

On Saturday night Dave and I headed out on a much needed date.  Since our sitter was available early we decided to take advantage of it and just leave the house.  We had time to kill before our reservations and Dave said that he would like to stop at a Golf store that he knew about.  Well, how about this...there was a large scrapbook store near it.  We agreed to split and meet up again in about 1/2 hour.  OMG I was in pig heaven looking at all the stuff and finding things that I NEEDED!!  Suddenly I felt a presence behind me....yup it was Dave.  His shopping in the golf store took up about 10 minutes - 10 MINUTES!!!  I just cannot shop with him standing behind me shifting from one foot and then the other.  Finally I just gave up and we left, I only spent $23.00 and I certainly did not get to snoop to full capacity.  errrrrrrr


  1. Aww...I took my DH to Michaels with me and he ended up spending more than me! haha...he found the models and for old times sake had to buy one!

  2. UGH...MEN! Glad u had a date night!