Friday, January 29, 2010

Shaped Card Templates

I have a few new ideas for some new shaped card templates (you will be glad to know none are barn yard birds!!!) which got me to thinking that you all might have a suggestion or 2 of other shapes you would like to see.  Remember it is something that can be recongized by an outline (see the heart template below if that doesn't make sense to you).  Stick your ideas in the comments section and if I can make one from your suggestion I'll send you the template FREE!!


  1. What about an outline of a purse? Love your blog and the store!!

  2. I love shaped cards, one of my fave things to make so I'm always looking for templates to make it a bit easier. Several things come to mind: butterfly, baby bootie, woman's boot (with a high heal of course), watermelon slice.