Sunday, February 21, 2010

Never a dull moment

Saturday night I got to spend some quality time at the ER with my daughter and oldest son.  He had gone with me to Chloe's gymnastic meet, where she injured her elbow during her floor routine.  Chloe's pain tolerance is unbelieveable, she will be one of those ladies who gives birth while doing something else because she doesn't feel she's in labor.  Anyhoo...she hurt her elbow in the beginning of the routine BUT she finished her full routine which included tumbling and 3 back hand springs.  She got a 9.25 and this morning we learned that she placed 4th overall in floor.  This is the same elbow that was fractured last year from a fall from the bars and I could tell by her body language that it was hurting so we left.  The competent (not) Dr. at the ER wasn't sure if it was fractured or what...but he stuck it in a cast and gave her some pain medicine.  Tomorrow I'll have to call her old orthopedic.  I'm just getting Gabe back to school tomorrow from being home with mono... these 4 kids are never going to let me just sit down!! ; )

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