Tuesday, March 9, 2010

House Colors

So we are building a house and naturally I have to choose house colors and coordinating stone.  Unfortunately I discovered that with Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints you can actually choose a similar style of home and try different paints on it, including the trim, garage doors....  My husband wants a gray which I'm not thrilled about.  I like color, but I realize that the house needs to look appropriate.  I cannot stop playing with the house paint programs, I'm obsessed.  I have probably tried every color, even the icky colors just for fun.  I really need to get a job!


  1. But more importantly - what color do you like the best so far? LOL

  2. What a cool program! Are they on those sites? I'll have to check them out! I've been trying to help my mom come up with colors for her house as she's repainting this summer.

  3. I remember going through this with my house and we are now changing it, LOL! Enjoy, this is the best part - building a house can be frustrating and stressful!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex