Monday, March 15, 2010

Walking Tacos

My weekend was a blur of gymnasts and walking tacos.  I worked at the State Level 6 & 7 gymnastics meet this weekend - no Chloe wasn't competing, her arm is still broken!!!!  Anyway most of the 18 hours I spent there I was a timer working on the floor.  But the last 4 hours they needed help in concessions so I went to help.  Let me tell you, making taco salad and nachos is bad enough but these things called walking tacos are disgusting. If you don't know what a walking taco is it's a lunch size bag of Fritos and then you fill it with taco stuff (lettuce, sour cream, salsa, beef...) it's too gross and thinking about it makes me want to gag.  Believe me when I say that EVERYONE under 15 wants one.   Let's discuss the weiners (hot dogs) those things are just wrong.  They had them in this little container that heated up and occassionally we had to rotate the weiners.  UGH.........nasty, nasty, nasty.  Normally the older folks went for a warmed weiner.  I wanted to say HELLO people, just buy some fruit or candy that I don't have to handle.  It's obvious that I would never make a good waitress.


  1. LMAO!!!!! Guess Booster's Concession stand is a NO for you next year????? LOL

  2. Would you still like me if I admitted I love what you call a walking taco? We call them Frito Boats, but they are the same thing and I think they are yummy on occasion. Please don't hate me. I promise to never order one from you. ;P

  3. Ewwww....I agree, that IS disgusting!!!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex