Thursday, May 13, 2010


Growing up our family lived in a little wooded area with a creek.  When we were young we had ducks on the creek that were sorta our pets.  We fed them and it was really quite fun.  Since we are in the process of building a home in the country in the woods with a creek I thought it would be great fun for the kids to have some ducks too.  BUT, I messed up here.  My oldest son is taking a vet class and one of the projects was to bring in eggs to hatch...chicken, quail, DUCKS.  Naturally, once these critters hatch they need homes and like a dumb head I said "We'll take the ducks for the creek".  HELLO.....I never thought about the part that ducks start out very small and would be just "sitting ducks" out in the woods on a creek all alone.  The class hatched 4 ducks and I said...sure we'll take them - duh, duh, DUH!  OMG, they are 1 week old and we have to take them NOW - the teacher wants all the critters out.  After kicking myself and trying to talk my good friends who live on farms with many critters to take them I now have a duck pen set up in my garage.  After about 2 weeks here they can move to the barn out on our property.  quack QUACK!


  1. OMG Melissa!!! Quack quack is right! I think you are a bit "quacked"....LOL... Always willing to help, you have such a kind heart!

  2. QUACK me up!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

    What the heck...just a few more mouths or beaks to already have 5 barking snouts to feed, 2 adorable kiddos & one beautiful pre-teen & 1 handsome teen to feed and that poor, poor (sexy) hubbie to feed!!! ROFL!!!!!