Friday, June 11, 2010

Scrap Friendzy Challenge 1

This layout was done for Challenge #1 at Scrap Friendzy (Summer camp)!  Oh go one over and vote for me, you know you want too : ) 

This is the second time she has broken this arm during gymnastics. She is so dedicated to this sport that she won't give up. She absolutely loves it....I can't say I feel the same way.


Dave playing at a recent fundraiser. When I suggested that he get a hobby a few years ago I never thought it would go this far. He challenged some of his friends who had never played an instrument before and they all taught themselves to play. The band is good, it gets asked alot to play. Who new my husband would turn into a rock star!


  1. WOW...Melissa these are awesome! I LOVE your style!

  2. LOVE the title of the first one, lol - poor thing!

  3. hehe...glad we can vote for 3...;-) Of course I voted for you!!!!!

  4. I love your cheeky title on the Summer Camp layout. I voted for you :)