Monday, June 21, 2010

Why did I keep this?

The clean out for the community garage sale continues.  This weekend we attacked our attic, our basement storage, and our storage shed.  We've been living in this house about 6 years now and after a few months of living here we switched the kids to double beds from twin.  WHY did I keep all the twin bedding??? Sheets, comforters, bed skirts, mattress pads, matching pillows.....boxes and boxes of bedding.  But wait, there is more about each child's crib comforter, sheets, bumper pads, crib skirt.... did I really think that someday they would want these for their own children?  Curtains, valances...I have them all for the matching bedding, plus others from the kitchen, dining room, family rooms...from previous homes.  I'm almost like a Linen and Things.

What possessed me to save all this stuff?

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