Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let's go see a movie.

Dave and I decided to take the little kids to see a move today.  They decided they wanted to see Pussy Galore... you're right, that's not the name of the movie, but that's what I thought it was.  You should have seen the guy we bought the tickets from snicker when I asked for 2 adults and 3 kid tickets for Pussy Galore.  OK, it's Kitty Galore, it's close, an easy mistake.  Now stop laughing!

So we have our junk food and greasy popcorn, William is settled in my lap and the movie just doesn't seen like it's ever going to end.  Wait.... what the heck is that????  An odd noise.....  OMG it's Dave snoring.  Naturally I wake him up, if I have to endure the stupid movie, then he has too.  It's only fair right!!  My advise, wait to rent it and don't ask for the movie Pussy Galore!