Friday, September 17, 2010

Candy filled coffin

Chloe was thinking about what she could make to put treats in to give to her team mates at the gym.  She decided she wanted to do more than decorate a this idea was a total hit.  The coffin opens so she can fill it with candy, the ribbon keeps it closed, and the witch digi, which is from Tiddly Inks, is the PERFECT image for young ladies who still sport long locks.  If only the witch was wearing a gymnast leotard!!  She already has 3 coffins completed!!  That's my girl, planning ahead!  I just hope she doesn't want to buy the candy too much in advance because I guarantee I'll eat it.


  1. How awesome is this ditto on the early candy buy in can't do it!
    I am giving away some candy sponsored by Torendi. It's a surprise as to what it is but I am sure it will be loads of fun! Stop by and see! Beth aka BR-T