Sunday, October 17, 2010

Buttons and Bows!

This week we are all about Breast Cancer Awareness at Buttons and Bows. Unfortunately, most all of us know someone who has had breast cancer or who is currently undergoing treatment for it. Either of these new button sets, Think Pink or the Cancer Awareness Buttons are perfect to add to a greeting card or to use in another way to let your "someone" know you are thinking about them.

I created my card using the Think Pink button set. Both sets are available in the Buttons and Bows Etsy store, along with a great variety of other handmade button creations.

If you are interested in using my ribbon shaped card you can grab the template by scrolling down to the post dated October 13th. The card does fold over and open making it just like a regular card.  If you copy the template, as a thank you to me,  please become my follower.


  1. Hi Melissa, this is so neat! Love it!

  2. Thanks Melissa! I hated the fact that I had so many bookmarked sites. Now everything is on one page and I don't have to bounce from site to site. It is a sister site to one we already had going.

  3. Looks how you made the pink ribbon. :)