Monday, October 25, 2010


I tried yesterday to get a picture of all the kids - what a joke.  There is always one who won't cooperate and this time it was William.  What a little stinker.  I took 60 shots of the 4 kids and there isn't one where he isn't doing something.

This one of Dave and Gabe turned out nice.

Here is the "King of the Mountain", JD.

Here are all 4 kids, hmmmm which is William?  I should probably just frame this because it does show his real personality - naughty!


  1. Great photos! What beautiful kids you have!

  2. heehee 60 shots..oh my but beautiful end results!!

  3. that is a lot of pics, I would have gave up sooner. my son Tom was the same way, but actually probably waay worse, he has severe ADHD and ODD. in fact once he hit tenth grade every time I tried to take his picture, some where in the picture on of his hands would be flipping the camera the bird. not so LOL. He is 24 now and not a whole lot better ( about flipping the bird, depends on his mood) Kids!

    They are beautiful (yours) (mine too...but it is not my blog, LOL--I do have a pic of each at the bottom of my blog though)