Friday, October 15, 2010

House update...

We now have our front and back porches and we have some of the shingles on.  The shingles look kinda green but they really aren't, they are grey with a little blue, black and green flecks.  Still not time to start packing : (



  1. It's gonna be absolutely beautiful!!! Can hardly wait for my tour!! Is that your kitchen window in the back in between the two bays?

  2. Wow....can't wait t o see it done! Looks fantastic so far!

  3. Your house is looking fabulous! I see that you have included one of my biggest loves...a real front porch! I believe we need to go back to sitting on the porch, talking to your neighbors, and keeping your eyes out on the neighborhood to be able to take our neighborhoods back from the criminals! I can see why you're getting itchy to be able to move in!!