Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No More Training Wheels

William decided on his own that he no longer needed training wheels.  He got one off himself and got his sister to help him remove the other.  Then he got on the bike and road it, wobbling and such but it was his very first try.  He wanted to surprise me so Chloe helped him a little and then ran inside to tell me to come see William.  He was sooooo proud of himself, giggling and trying to steer.  He fell a few times, but got back up and tried again.  That's the end of an era more training wheels!!  It's wonderful that they grow up, but it happens much too quickly.


  1. Congrats to William! I love it when they finally realize that they can do it themselves! One of my grandsons had one of the neighbor kids give him a push when he was three, and he's been riding ever since! They grow up way too fast!

  2. yey william!!! super well done little man!! that is just so clever. hugs Lou xxxxxx

  3. Congratulations William. That's quite an accomplishment to do it on your first try. Love that you got one of the training wheels off all by yourself.