Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My mom is a very young old person.  At 78 you would never guess that was her real age.  She still teaches  school,  she is constantly on the go, shopping, dinner out... sometimes she wears me out trying to follow her schedule. Yesterday she had cataract surgery in one eye.  Everything went fine and naturally she was groggy from the anesthetic so I was staying with her until she was fully alert.  When we get to her house I'm trying to cook her breakfast, needless to say, she had to be at the surgery center at 6:45 in the morning so by the time we got home she was starving.  I'm trying to get her to just sit down at the table and drink her coffee while I cook but she just can't.  I don't know if she thinks I can't cook bacon and eggs or exactly what but she is behind me fussing over something and when I turn around she has fallen to her hands and knees.  Thankfully, she wasn't hurt, she just got a little dizzy and after she was up and sitting at the table we had a little laugh.  She is soooo darn stubborn and can be such a handful when it comes to doing what she wants.  I think it's the school teacher mentality of I'm in charge here.  My sister and I certainly will have our work cut out for us when/if her health declines.  Thankfully, she has a good sense of humor, that is probably what has kept her so young at heart.


  1. How lucky you and your Mom are to have each other! Wishing your Mom a speedy recovery! Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs

  2. That stubborness is what has kept her so young at that scared the heck out of you though!!!! Her humor & amazing heart makes her so special.....just like her 2 daughters!