Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Say Cheese

At my sister's house on Thanksgiving we tried numerous times, NUMEROUS times, to get a decent picture of our family.  Why is it that you just can't get 6 people to cooperate, look straight ahead, give a decent smile, keep their eyes open, hide the picture behind JD's butt......    Short people in front, tall people behind...not sure that was the right thing to do but it seemed to be at the time.  One thing my kids will always remember when they are adults is how much time we spend laughing and goofing at family gatherings trying to get that one perfect photo.   Someday we'll get it....hey I can dream!


  1. I think its a great family photo! I won't even post ours! haha!

  2. I think it looks pretty good...I love imperfect photos...esp...the goofy ones!;)

  3. Oh Melissa,
    What a great photo! I love to see your family like this! I know that making a familyphoto is nervewrecking and fun.
    I went to a photografer and we made a line of photo's. And between the odd, ugly and funny ones.. there were real beauties.
    We had so much fun doing it. So I can imagine the fun you all must have had!

  4. What a beautiful family photo! Hugs