Friday, December 10, 2010

Fostering Pets

I have decided to foster dogs for an organization called FurAngels.  I really love all furry animals, with the exception of monkeys which is another story.  When those sad commercials come on with the dogs in shelters it tugs at my heart strings.  I mean really, what's wrong with people that they abuse or abandon their pets like they are garbage. Why do puppy mills continue to produce dogs that no one wants. I recently read that 800 dogs and cats get euthanized every HOUR in the U.S.A.  Does that make you sick or what?   I know I can't save them all, but at least I can save a few. 

Did you know:  

Most shelters will purchase the food, provide you with a crate, and pay ALL the necessary vet bills for the fur baby you foster.  So, it costs you nothing more than some play time, hugs, and kisses. 

The shelters work with you to be sure the animal you foster will fit with your family and current pets.  It's not like they say "OK, we are giving you this huge Mastiff even though you live in a 1 room efficiency apartment".

With the new year just days away it's a great time to make a difference.  Find a shelter, sign up to foster, SAVE A LIFE

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