Friday, January 21, 2011

My very talented friend Cat honored me with a stylish blogger award.  Yes, I blog but stylish?? I'm not real sure about that, but thanks Cat!!  Cat and I were on Shirley's 2 Girls design team together and are currently on the Pixie Dust Studio design team together.  Check out her blog for some serious eye candy.

Now I am supposed to share 7 things about myself that you don't know. 

1.  I hide candy from my kids so I don't have to share it
2.  I consider chocolate a major food group
3.  I'm addicted to Nestle Pure Life Lemon Splash water
4.  Attire of choice, worn out jeans, chucks, and a baggy t or sweat shirt
5.  I cannot wake up unless I get my head entirely wet
6.  I love horses
7.  I am not to be trusted around a box of Dunkin Donuts donut holes

Then choose up to 15 of my faithful followers to give the"award" to and then they do the same, and so on....
Joan - Full of Bolognie
Ardith - Go sell Crazy Somewhere Else
Lynda - Positive Force
Tricia - Tricia's Treasures
Carol - Crazy for Crafting
Kayla - Dream, Believe, Imagine
Alex - California Stampin
Georgia - MiMi's Place
Tammy - My Craft Central
Lora - The Squirrel Hole


  1. Now I want donut holes!! LOL!! Thank you for nominating me! ;)

  2. Yummo donuts!,, Thanks for thinking of me Melissa!

  3. LOL! I agree that chocolate is a food group! Hugs

  4. How fun! Thanks so much for choosing me! I've had quite a weekend, hope I can remember to pass this along when I get a chance to post again on my blog!