Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Larry's Here!

This is Larry, our new foster dog.  He is an 11 lb, 3 year old male Havanese, who has been really, really shaved.  He has been rescued from puppy mill hell, where he spent his life in a tiny cage.  He has been all vetted including neutered, teeth cleaned and now he's looking for a forever family that will love him.  He is a super sweet little man, getting along with everyone in our house, including my 5 Havanese dogs, and our giant cat.   He is becoming very comfortable now with our picking him up and sitting in our laps.  Do you know of someone who is looking to adopt, if so pass the info along about Larry.  Larry's hair will grow back, and he will stay with us until his forever family is found.

This is my youngest with Larry.  He decided that Larry must be cold since his hair is missing so he wrapped him up in his blanket.  Larry didn't mind a bit, even gave a kiss of thanks.


  1. How adorable!!!! I see it didn't take you long to find another dog to foster. You're such a wonderful family to do this for our furry friends! This one looks like he's found a real friend with your son...their pictures are adorable!

  2. How cute he is and the pictures with your son look like he is enjoying himself - they both do!