Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The little black puppies were adopted yesterday but we still are looking for forever homes for the sweet white ones. These two puppies just love to play with Sophie.  Sophie just weighed in at the vet at 89 lbs, these pups are 4 & 5 lbs.  It's really amazing to watch how gentle she is when she puts her mouth on them or swipes at them with her huge feet.  She is an wonderful dog! 


  1. SOOO CUTE! The puppies are adorable, but I am in love with Sophie. She looks like my sweet old man Wedge who I had to put down about two months ago. The little ones are always cute but the big ones are the true Womens best friend. :)

  2. Oh Melissa they are just so cute - don't you just want to keep them all?????? LOL. You really do a wonderful job!