Monday, April 11, 2011

Babushka Hunt and Easter Parade with CS DESIGNS

Welcome to the Babushka Hunt

The CS Designs Design Team has been hard at work helping Mr. Easter Bunny this year. Instead of the usual Easter Eggs we have been hiding little Babushka Dolls all over our blogs. Just like a real Easter Egg Hunt you are going to have to search high and low to find them on each designers blog. There are 8 hidden Babushkas in total to be found.

The Rules for the Babushka Hunt:

1.) Find all 8 little Babushkas
2.) Answer correctly all the fun questions in the Designer quiz from each blog listed below.
3.) Don’t tell anyone else the answers or where you found your Babushkas
4.) Become a follower of each blog/site where you found a Babushka
5.) Leave a nice comment on each blog/site so each designer will know you came to visit.
6.) Email Chris / CS Designs your answers to the Designer Quiz. Do not tell anyone else the answers.

Winner will be announce on the 26th of April
The winner will be selected by random draw and it will be up to you to check to see if you have won. If you are the winner, you must notify Chris / CS Designs to claim your prize no later than the 30th of April.

There will be two individual winners in the Babushka Hunt and the winners will be chosen by random draw.   In order to be eligible to be put into the draw you must meet all the requirements including answering the fun Quiz correctly.  Each winner will receive their choice of one of my darling little Babushkas from my CS Designs online shop.

Double your chances to WIN in the random draw byAdvertising the Babushka Hunt Banner on a prominent spot on your blog main page for the duration of the Babushka Hunt. Be sure it links back to CS Designs so others come and join in the fun!

This is the list of designers blogs you need to visit.  To find my hidden BaBushka you need to do a little back searching.  Grab your rabbit ears and cotton tail and let's go..... 

Melissa Oeters - Needful Things (you're here)

Our Second Event is an Easter Parade (contest) and to enter you must decorate a lovely float (which is your blog) with your wonderful entries featuring CS Designs digis.

The Rules Are Simple: You can participate in one even or both events.  Plus take advantage of the Sale going on until the end of the month! 

1. You must use only digital designs from CS Designs
2. You may enter as many times as you wish
3. Become a follower of my Doodle Pieces blog
4. Each project must be new, no back dating
5. Give credit for the design used in your project/post and link each project back to my CS Designs site

How to Win:

This time unlike my last contest there will only be 1 winner for each category and no additional categories will be created. Your float will be judged on the following:

Prize for Category 1:
Projects using only designs purchased from my CS Designs online store or won in other contests or challenges. If you mix my regular designs with freebies they will not be considered for this category. The Prize: If you win you will get to join the CS Design Team for an entire month. If working with these talented ladies is not enough, then you will also be happy to know that just like them you will receive one free design a week for the entire month as well as the gift design I give my new Designers for joining my Design Team. If You choose not to accept the option to work with our Design Team, you will receive 3 designs of your choice from the online store.

Prize for Category 2:
Will be selected only from those projects that use a combination of my store designs and my freebies. The Prize: The choice of 2 designs from the CS Designs online store

Prize for Category 3:
Will be selected only from those projects that use only free designs from CS Designs. The Prize: The choice of 1 Babushka design from the CS Designs online store


  1. Cute card! My girls both have a set of nesting dolls, and they LOVED playing with them when they were little!!

  2. I forgot to mention how much I love those pin flags! CUTE!!

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  4. Melissa, I am so sorry, but may I ask why you call these dolls "Babushka" ??? Is that the American way to call them ? I am Russian and the word babushka means Grandma :))) We call this doll " matriyoshka" and it has never ever had a sad face:)) Always smiling- I have been study doll design in Russia at my College :))I am just wondering- still explore the English way of transforming the words :)))

  5. Marisha, I'm not exactly sure why they are named that. Perhaps ask the question to the designer Chris Stern at CS Designs who drew the image. I'm sure she will be glad to answer your question.