Friday, May 13, 2011

In the dog house....

You would think I would be talking about one of my kids being in the "dog house".  Nope.

Yesterday I got a cool new dog bed with chair like arms and back.  Perfect or my doglets.  Unfortunately, this morning Ollie decided it was something to kill...

I guess once you get the "killing" instinct rolling you just can't control yourself.  I put him outside so I could clean up the stuffing and then discovered this.  You can see the ruined toy all deflated laying there.

It's a good thing I adore my dogs!


  1. OMG... what a naughty monkey! What do you suppose was in there that 'made' him do that?!

  2. That is hilarious!!! Don't dogs just love shredding things - LOL my sisters Doberman shredded his bed and when they got home it looked like it had been snowing on the back lawn!! Thanks for sharing this Melissa - it made me laugh!

  3. Oh my gosh I have a Collie who will destroy anything and everything! I laughed at your images but when my dog does this grrrrrr.

  4. OMG! Sorry I am giggling but that is too cute:)

  5. Oh my goodness Melissa, what a mess! I guess you must really love that little doggie!