Monday, September 19, 2011

New dog bed!

Stanley, our foster that we adopted, is crazy for sleeping in the laundry baskets.  He loves to bury stuff in them digging down under the layer of clothes which means I have accidentally washed quite a few chewy bones.  The problem is he can't tell the dirty laundry from the clean laundry which doesn't bother him but it REALLY bothers me.  So I solved the problem, he now has his own laundry basket bed.  All the nice dog beds we have around here and he just loves this.  A layer of blankets on the bottom make it soft and allow for easy hiding of chewy bones, the handle area works well for when his teeth are itchy and he needs to bite something.  All in all, we are both happy with this arrangement.  Not sure what we will do when he out grows this...


  1. Silly puppy! That is just too cute.

  2. Hi Melissa!
    You always take the cutest pics! I love this one!! Adorable!