Friday, September 2, 2011


I admit, I have never had a large breed dog before during the dreaded puppy stage.  Stanley is teaching me quite a bit about big puppies.  There is a big difference between large breed puppies and small breed puppies besides the size of their poop.

For instance, he couldn't wait for me so he decided to help himself to a snack.  Yes, it's a Hostess Twinkie.  Somehow he got into the pantry and decided that was his snack of choice and managed to get it off the 3rd shelf (which is a long way up).  He was really happy to wait for me while I grabbed my camera.  I think he knew he was on the wrong side of the doggie fence and was waiting for me to open the gate so he could eat it on the other side.


  1. OMGosh he is adorable Melissa! Who doesn't like twinkies?!!

  2. LOL! Too funny! My puppy would have swallowed the Twinkie whole.

  3. He is just so cute, been there, done that, got the
    Mine would have taken the box and had it right there, have twins, that's a handful......hehehe
    lotsa luv

  4. Oh this reminds me of Jasper my German Shepherd when he was a puppy the things he would do including opening the fridge and eating it's entire contents then getting the cat food and opening the packets and eating those too (he still does this now if he gets the chance even though he is 7 now. He is the first large dog we have had and I can't believe how clumsy they are lol.Anyway enjoy him and I am so glad I found you blog now following and love your creations
    Jacki xx