Thursday, December 15, 2011

But they aren't dogs?

One of the foster groups I volunteer for had a volunteer suffer a heart attack.  Naturally the group wanted to lessen her load so they asked others in the rescue to take on her foster animals.  When the email came to me I replied right away that I would help.  Turns out she is the "small animal" coordinator so my new fosters are a bit smaller than my normal fosters.

The "pigs" are Zeke and Zander.  They are very vocal and drive my dogs nuts.  Thankfully I can keep the dogs out of the room where they are so there will be no unsupervised visiting.

The hamsters have charmed me, they are Kit and Kat.  They are just plain cute, if you like rodents. I know not everyone does but these little hamster faces are sweet.  Watch out Stuart Little you may have a little competition.

I guess I need to correct myself when people ask if I only rescue and foster dogs now I can say rodents too LOL!  I draw the line at reptiles.

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