Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meet Eli Cheesecake!

Our new foster dog Eli!  He was an unexpected foster but he has fit into our family without any problems.  My youngest is already wanting to keep him.  That won't be happening, but whoever adopts this little guy is going to absolutely love him!  He is just as sweet as can be!


  1. How wonderful that you foster dogs - what a heart you have!!! Impressive! Cute dog!

  2. Melissa:

    On behalf of us at Eli's Cheesecake, thanks for giving our name to such an adorable dog. To help you find the right deserving family for Eli, we will be delighted to send an Eli's Cheesecake to that just right family after they have had Eli's in their home for 3 months.

    Best wishes,
    Marc Schulman
    President-Eli's Cheesecake

  3. LOL who is goofing with me? I totally giggled when I read this but wait, I need a big ole cheesecake too ; )

  4. Absolutely--just find Eli's. Cheesecake a good home!