Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hospitals *&^%@!

WOW, these last two weeks have been very stressful.  Last weekend, my niece got married but I missed the wedding because my Mom got so sick she had to go to the ER (she missed the wedding too).  She was admitted to the hospital and released on Tuesday.  BUT, they didn't figure out what was wrong with her because by Friday we ended up calling the ambulance again for another trip to the ER.  Yup they admitted her AGAIN.  We are certainly hoping they will figure out what is happening with her during this stay, more tests...  but so far the tests aren't giving them much information on her illness either.  I'm fed-up - Doctors need to admit when they are stumped and take the steps needed to sent their patients elsewhere, not just home.  I realize this doesn't apply to all Doctors out there, but I can certainly name a few.

OK I vented.

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