Monday, February 3, 2014

Pay It Forward - February!

I tried to think of how to change the whole 'blog candy' thing into something more meaningful.  This is not about blogger fans, this is about sharing kindness with others. For me the best way to reach out is through blogger and my crafting pals.  I hope that my sharing a little something with you will inspire you to share a little something with someone else.

SO, I am going to randomly pick people to receive something crafty from me, it might be stamps, ink pads, paper packs..... I have A LOT of good stuff to share.  I may choose 1 of you, 3 of you, or all of you monthly to receive a 'gift'.  In exchange I ask that you then Pay It Forward.  YOU need to do something kind for a random person.  Pay the toll for the car behind you, offer your seat to an older person, help someone put groceries in their car, give away extra crafting stuff... whatever, just pass the kindness along!

Please comment on the Pay it Forward page and leave your blogger address.  Because of shipping issues I can only offer this for those living in the U.S.  Be sure to share this post with others who may want to Pay it Forward as well.