Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Blue and Green Challenge!

We are doing do a Blue and Green challenge at the Some Odd Girl Facebook community!  Remember only Some Odd Girl digi stamps or clear stamps are to be the featured image.  You have until March 29, 2016 to enter to WIN!

Did I say WIN?  YES, one winner will receive a $10.00 gift certificate to the Some Odd Girl store.  Three winners will receive ‘Top Three’ badge for their social media page.  Place your entry HERE!

Today I played with the digi stamp TRex.   I create a litte group of dinos by merging them together before I printed them.  Perfect for a little boy I know who has a birthday coming up!

Be sure to show off your blue and green tones!  We can't wait to see what ODDly fun things you create!


  1. Love these adorable lil' guys, not ferocious at all! We just watched the original JP last much fun and definitely a fav of this family!

  2. Cute..hmm I think I have to make a fb account..i miss sog