Monday, February 8, 2010

On Sunday, we spent the DAY (it felt like a week) at a gymnastic meet.  During this time of year, we spend almost one day every weekend at a meet with Chloe. Naturally, when the meet was over and I told her what a great meet she had had...  "NO MOM, I did horrible".  We pretty much heard that most of the way home.  My thoughts - how horrible can it be when you placed 3rd in all 4 events and got 4th in all around.  I guess that's the mom way of thinking....which to an 11 year old is the wrong way!  Anyway, I was proud of her, not just because of her medals, but because after one of her teammates fell off the beam and got upset Chloe was the only girl on the team that showed her any compassion. 

My biggest gripes - I hate getting bleacher butt after sitting for 5 hours on those nasty bleachers, and not being able to get a decent photo because of the lighting in the gyms.  However, I do love to watch Chloe perform.


  1. I think the pictures are fantastic and CONGRATS CHLOE!!! Rock on girl!

  2. You need a BIG cushion to sit on! I hate sitting on bleachers too! I think the photos are awesome! Congratulations to your daughter!