Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trip to the ER

Yup, right after I got up I had to run to the ER.  Thankfully it wasn't because of any of my children, it was for one of my fur babies.  I was sitting on my bed when suddenly Dudley started to scream - not yip - scream.  He was sitting right next to me sound asleep one minute and in agony the next.  Scared the pants right off me.  Saving you all the drama of getting there it was discovered at the ER that he had tweaked a nerve in his back. He has some pills for pain and he's doing much better tonight.  The problem is he isn't supposed to do anything active like jumping, running....for 5 days. OK, we can handle that right, he's in my office, the furniture is positioned so he can no longer jump on it...  A little while ago I caught him getting frisky with one of our females (he is a stud dog)  Doesn't it sound just like a man, if a little "tail" is available they are cured!


  1. be glad that this didn't happen while u were here in MD with all the snow!!!!