Friday, March 4, 2011

Sammie's been Adopted

Sweet Samantha went home today with her new mommy.  It's always bittersweet to see my temporary fur babies go home.  Sammie, called by my kids "the wiener" was here longer than any of my other foster dogs.  She needed to become healthy before she could be spayed so she was here a couple weeks before and then after surgery.  She became so attached to me, she is a one woman dog and had to be with me, as close as possible without sharing my clothes, at all times.  Thankfully her new mommy is an empty nester who will spend all her time spoiling and loving on Sammie.  So she left in the rain today with lot's of  goodbye kisses from me, her favorite bed from here, and her beloved chewy bone.   With the rain, no one could really tell I was crying.  Love you sweet wiener Sammie.


  1. Yeah Sammie! Melissa you are a good person to open your home and your heart to doggies in need. :)

  2. sweet! There's a home for everyone somewhere!!!!

  3. Great news! I'm sure that she will always have a place in your heart, but it sounds like she will be in a fabulous place to be loved & spoiled! Thanks again for sharing your love with these furbabies!