Monday, March 7, 2011

Watch what you say!

When we started building to get the kids excited about moving to the country I made the huge mistake of telling them they could choose the paint colors of their rooms and bedding/decorations.  Naturally, my oldest doesn't care, being a 16 year old boy, all that matters is where his TV should go.  My youngest wants a red room with dinosaurs.  Dino's - no problem but red, not really a good relax and go to sleep color.  Compromise one red wall with a big Dino painted on it.  My 9 year old son didn't care at all so I gave him some choices to help him out.  He picked bedding by looking out of the corner of his eyes while still playing his gameboy, navy with white stars bedding.  He told me he wants his walls orange. Riiiight! But he will most likely be happy with whatever color I decide to do, his closet walls can be orange.   On to my darling daughter who is 12.  First she wanted her room painted BLACK - no that's not happening.  She moved away from that and decided on hot pink, black and white - which matches this wild (truly awful) bedding that she picked out.  We also promised her new bedroom furniture and we have been looking at stuff on line to get ideas.  I thought we had it all figured out when yesterday she announces to me, while we are out to buy the white furniture she picked out, that she wants black furniture.  OK black furniture is fine...but it's not working for me in my 12 year old daughter's room.  She tried her dad on the black furniture and he said absolutely not without even talking to me.  Thankfully we think alike sometimes.  She was not happy and we came home without purchasing ANY furniture because she refused white or stained or oak.   I guess she thinks she can hold out on us....I guess she will just keep the junk she has.

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  1. LOL! I remember being that age and having the same issue with my parents. I wanted my walls gray with speckled paint spray. I sold all my toys at our garage sale so I could buy a black futon bed. It was so uncomfortable and I had it till I was 21.
    Good luck with all that. :)