Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blogger - love it/hate it

I thought I would change up my blog, you know a little blog-lift.  Yes, I did save my old background but now for some reason I cannot get backgrounds (old or new) to work correctly.   I originally lost some stuff but it is back now along with a nice snow white background.  Really, what's wrong with white?  I'm leaving  the background because this just shows I can be comfortable with white space and I don't need to fill in every area.  Plus I'm getting irritated - LOL!


  1. Hi, Blogger have problems from a cople of days.
    When you use another browser your ploblems can be solved.
    I have 2 different lay outs, 1 with explorer and another with chroome, while i didn't change anything.
    Hugs lydia

  2. Machines have a mind of their own. That's why my blog wallpaper is part stripe and part polka dot. I gave up a long time ago and have learned to live with it....sort of. Hope you have better luck!