Friday, January 11, 2013

What a week!

I don't often blog about my crazy life but this week it has been a bummer.  On Monday we found out that our 1 1/2 old German Shepard is in kidney failure.  Very, very sad - they are giving him about 3 months unless some of the tests show us a cause.  So far, no disease or tumors - which is normally what you DON'T  want, but we want to be able to pinpoint the cause so something like that would make it easier to understand.  We have more test results arriving today so hopefully we will have some answer to why this is happening.

He is on a boatload of drugs and has lost about 20 lbs so he is fur and bones, but he still is happy.  It's quality time for him that matters now. Watching my kids faces when he reject his favorite treats or doesn't want to run like a mad-dog is killing me. I am always as happy as my most unhappy child is.  He is soooo young, and I was going to start working with him for therapy work.  I know it's just a dog...but to dog people they are a big part of your family's life and it hits hard.

Yesterday I rode and well, it was quite a ride.  Riding horses, you know that you will get thrown eventually and yesterday was my day.   When I was young and I rode I would just brush off and climb back up pissed and ready to work.  Having just started riding again about 1 year ago and being an adult, all I could think of when I realized I needed to let go were all the things you could break... and my kids.  Fortunately, besides a bruised butt and finger nothing else was hurt but my pride.  Yes, I got back on him and was pissed so at least that didn't change.  BUT he had the last laugh after all...when putting him back into his stall he stepped on the very top of my food, and broke it.

That brings me to the subject of those ugly back booties that they give you for a foot injury...hello, let's funk them up a bit, bright colors, fun patterns...give us a choice in the matter.  I have never been one to like a boring shoe but looks like I get this one for a while.

I'm glad it's Friday :) next week will be better!


  1. Oh so sorry to hear about your bummer week. I adore my dogs and would be very saddened by that 6 yr old dog had a brain tumor and it was just so sad to lose her so young. Hope you have a better week.

  2. I am so sorry about your week. I can't imagine a dog so young having such problems. I am hoping that you find a cause and that it can be fixed. Until then, give him as much love and pampering as you can. Hang in there.